Single Control & Multicast Control

Street lights can be grouped according to actual management requirement, therefore authorized system users can control either a specific individual street light or a group of street lights using broadcasting command model.

Smart scheduling dimming

Based on the actually required lighting brightness of the street light groups at different locations and different time period, the system enables the users to configure certain dimming schedules which will automatically dim down or up the brightness of street lights to reduce a considerable amount of energy waste and light pollution created by unnecessary overtime lighting.


Fault alerts & Maintenance scheduling

After receiving a fault alert from the light controller, the system will automatically send a SMS or email to the pre-defined maintainer, and generate a maintenance schedule for administrator to follow and supervise the service process. Apart from the short-term troubleshooting schedule, the system is also able to generate long-term service plan such as cleaning and replacement according to the reserved data, e.g. faults logs, installation date, LED depreciation records,etc.


Multiple Tenants

Administrator of the lighting management can authorize multiple users with different system access privilege, such as maintenance superviser, regional operator, maintainer, etc.


GIS integrated & Map view

BaldurMind has integrated Google Map for users to get a real geographic view of all the assets, offering an user-friendly way for system controlling and monitoring.


Cloud-based or On-premise

With EMAGA's existing world-wide cloud server infrastructure, for most lighting projects, we offer a comprehensive cloud deployment solution based on a local cloud server, which ensure a stable and less-delay access for most areas of the world. At the same time, EMAGA is also avaliable for supporting fully on-premise deployment according to the project requirements, for which we offer the same level technical support and on-going service as cloud deployment.


Multi-language interface

By now, BaldurMind has already published 3 language versions, Chinese, English, French. We are also able to customize any other language for specific project requirement.


Web-based software

BladurMind is a web-based software, users just need to log into our system through any mainstream web browsers, without any harassment from software upgrading or hardware limitation.

Customized user pages

EMAGA insists on a flexible business model in which we support customized user pages according to the project needs, however at the same time, the copyright owned by EMAGA must be stated as a standard international custom.    




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