2018 China Zhengzhou International Smart Lighting Exhibition

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      After more than ten years of development, China's LED lighting has entered a new stage, and smart lighting and intelligent lighting have become new hot spots in the lighting industry. 2018 is a key year for the implementation of the 13th Five-Year Plan. Energy conservation and emission reduction are still the top priority. The adoption of intelligent technology will further bring into play the energy-saving advantages of LED lighting, which is the energy-saving and emission reduction index during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. 

       In the next five years, with the acceleration of urbanization, the market demand for smart lighting will exceed 100 billion yuan, and the procurement volume and construction scale of urban public lighting facilities will increase day by day, forming a huge purchasing pool for the lighting technology industry.  In the face of the trillion-level smart city prospects, in the past few years, domestic and foreign giants have laid out the smart lighting market.

      2018 China Zhengzhou Smart Lighting Exhibition will be held at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 28-30, 2018. The booth number of Emaga is B06. We sincerely invite you to operate the BaldurMind intelligent lighting system independently developed by Emaga, to bring you a different user experience.

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