The Atlantic Council Delegation visits Emaga InterConnect

2018-12-05 09:37:43 view:882

On 4th December, The Atlantic Council Delegation visited Emaga InterConnect.

The Atlantic Council is a DC-based foreign policy research institute on science, technology, and innovation policy issue. As Emaga is a high-tech company that focus on the cutting-edge technology LoRa, the delegation shows a great interest and takes the initiative to ask for a meeting. 

Below is a list of those who joined the meeting by the side of delegation:

             Barry Pavel, Senior Vice President, Atlantic Council

            Gregory Allen, Fellow, Center for a New American Security

            Samuel Klein, Assistant Director, Atlantic Council

            Dr. HC Hagman, Chief Analyst and Senior Adviser to the State Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

            Deputy Director-General Jon Simonsson, Chairman of the Committee for coordinated and accelerated policy linked to fourth industrial revolution technologies

            Ministry of Enterprise, Director-General Dr. Sonja Daltung, The Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analys

            Deputy Director General Erik Windmar, PM’s Office

            Consul General Helena Storm, Hong Kong

            Dr. Daniel Rencrantz, Head of Innovation Management Division, The Swedish Innovation Agency (Vinnova)

      During the meeting, scholars from the delegation have been briefed Emaga's products and business model, they also talked about our insight and  perspective on ShenZhen's success as a global hub and the role Emaga plays in Chinese Innovation. The two sides exchanged views on global technology trends. 

      We all benefited a lot from this pleasant multicultural exchange. 


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