Emaga stunningly debuted at Dubai International Lighting Exhibition in the Middle East

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      The 13th Middle East Dubai International Lighting Exhibition was held on September 23-25, 2018 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition is hosted by Messe Frankfurt Middle East. In 2018, the exhibition covers an area of 13,428 square meters. 333 exhibitors from 30 countries participated in the exhibition. The exhibits cover home and building automation, technology lighting and accessories, decorative lights and accessories, LED lighting, lighting system electronic accessories and so on. During the three-day exhibition, more than 6,000 professional buyers from Middle Eastern companies, the Philippines, and India visited the exhibition. The exhibition area of China reached 1,700 square meters, and 150 Chinese exhibitors participated in the exhibition. As a trade center in the Middle East, Dubai is a distribution/agent, retail/wholesale, manufacturer, etc. in the entire West Asia and North Africa market. The lighting industry professionals are gathered here. It is the best for business procurement, brand development and exchanges between industries. Platform and annual event. Coupled with the upcoming 2020 Dubai World Expo, Dubai's infrastructure construction and venue construction, there will be a huge demand for lighting. It is also an excellent opportunity for Chinese lighting companies.

      Different from the previous standard booths, Emaga has applied for a full-open booth in this exhibition. The open booth shape and industrial-grade product display show a high degree of professionalism.


      The exhibition was led by Yizhao Internet's overseas sales department, and FAE provided on-site technical support. The products on display include BaldurMind intelligent lighting system and related hardware products independently developed by Emaga, including EmStation 2.0, BaldurTouch street light control node, AC, DC node and so on. The high-definition large screen on the booth site continuously displays the human-computer interaction interface of Emaga's intelligent lighting control system. The simple and generous page makes it easy to see at a glance, and the function page operation is easy to use. On-site purchasers can perform demonstration operations such as light switch status, brightness adjustment, and fault information directly on a computer or mobile terminal.

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        Emaga has pilot projects in many countries including Asia, Europe and the Americas. The smart lighting system has been tested and recognized by the market. The Middle East is currently a untapped market, which is fresh for Emaga. It is challenging, but we believe that Emaga can impress this welcoming land with high-quality products and services as we always do, bringing high-quality lighting to the local people!

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