A solemn statement about changing the corporate LOGO

2018-11-30 10:45:49 view:29

    Emaga Interconnect Technologies Co., Ltd., after two years hard work, has achieved a new breakthrough in sales and corporate brand, and the company's development has reached a new level. With the introduction of many new technology-leading products, Emaga has gradually gained a certain influence in the industry. In order to better implement the international promotion strategy of corporate brands and highlight the brand concept of the company, the logo of Emaga has changed since November 18, 2018. It is hereby solemnly declared as follows:

        1. From November 18, 2018, the old LOGO will be discontinued. The new LOGO will be used for all products produced after November 2018.

        2. Due to inventory reasons, the old LOGO appear on part of the product packaging, but this does not affect product quality and market sales.

        3. Please understand the inconvenience caused by the change of corporate LOGO, thank you.

            OLD LOGO 


          NEW LOGO



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