Energy Saving - Deliver Right Brightness at Right Time by Smart Dimming

The CMS(Central Management System) of BaldurMind enables the lighting authority to configure multiple working schedules for different street light groups to deliver an optimized city-friendly luminous output without compromising the traffic safety.


Luminaire Lifetime Extension

Since the luminaire's energy consumption has been restrained at a comparatively lower level, the LED's life time will be prolonged because of lower aging speed.


Maintenance Saving - Automatic Fault Alerts & Maintenance Scheduling

The working status of each luminaire is constantly being monitored by every light controller. The CMS will automatically issue a fault alert if any fault has been detected and reported, and then a maintenance schedule will be generated automatically and forwarded to maintainers. There will be no need to send labour intensive patrol to do any on-site inspection, which will save a considerable physical surveillance overheads cost and shorten the service response time.



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