Smart City IoT Network


The communication method between human beings has undergone a long journey from the primitive mail, to phone, to the present internet. Every time of evolution of the communication between people has profoundly changed our view of ourselves and also created a smarter human society. From the experience of connecting people, we have discovered a great potential to harness the accumulated technology to connect various things that affect our lives in every respect. The network of all kinds of facilities and devices being connected which is widely known as Internet of Things(IoT) enables us to see, monitor, and manage the world in a much smarter way.

EMAGA develops the whole infrastructure of SMART CITY IoT NETWORK, including cloud server platform, wireless communication system, and end-device modules.

Smart Street Lighting

Why should we care more about STREET LIGHTING?

With the urbanization of human society reaching an unprecedentedly high level and the fast growth continuing, street lighting as an essential part of city life plays an important role in the well-being of the residents. But the traditional way of street lighting management creates several serious problems that undermine the urban living environment at the same time, the ever-increasing energy consumption, overwhelming light pollution, expensive operation and maintenance, etc.

EMAGA's Smart Street Lighting Management solution which combines Smart City IoT Network with latest LED lighting control technology is dedicated to reducing the energy waste and light pollution, increasing the maintenance efficiency, without compromising the safety and well-being of the city residents at same time. 

Smart Solar Lighting

How to make SOLAR LIGHTING cheaper and more reliable?

The energy of future is definitely going to be renewable energy, and for those areas with privilege of sufficient sun shine, solar power will surely become one of the major renewable energy sources. To some extent, It has already been playing an important role in powering public lighting system in some areas. But solar lighting is also facing several huge problems that limits it widely spreading at this moment, such as short life time of battery, vulnerable to weather change, low energy efficiency, etc.

Based on the IoT solution of street lighting management, with the latest battery charge and discharge management and weather forecast system, EAMGA has developed a smart solar lighting management system which is designed to dramatically prolong the battery life time and increase the energy efficiency, also to bring a comprehensive assets management solution for solar lighting.   

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