• 1, Project Evaluation & Product Portfolio Selection

    According to the customer actual requirement, regarding the system function, installation environment, project situation, etc, we will provide a complete and most economic products  portfolio solution for each project. We also provide certain level of system customization if in need.

  • 2, Geographic Assessment of Project Environment

    With the latest 3D map of the project-deployed places including buildings and landform conditions, a preliminary network deployment plan can be worked out.

  • 3,On-site Network Planning and Test

    At this step, network FAEs will go to the project place for field network test in which base station will be placed at certain spots according to the assessment result of the first step. All the best spots for installing base stations to deliver a best network coverage will be located by this step.

  • 4, Network Set-up & Pilot Project deployment

    Since all the base stations location has been confirmed by this step, the customer can appoint a certain number of street lights for pilot deployment in order to assess the network stability and system functions.

  • 5, Full Project Deployment

    We will send an English-speaking FAE teams to project place to work with local partners for technical instruction of the whole project deployment.

  • 6, Project Commissioning & Completion Delivery

    We will test the whole system for a certain period of time after full deployment completed according to project scale, and make sure everything works all right. We also will provide a comprehensive technical training to the technician team from customer, including system operation and conventional trouble-shooting skills. Then the whole system will be delivered to customer.

  • 7, On-Going After Service

    EMAGA is responsible for 7/24 remote technical support and one time per year free on-site service worldwide during the whole warranty period, also a life time technical support after warranty period at a reasonable cost. 

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