EMAGA ,an innovative enterprise that focusing on the smart city and smart manufacture of Internet of thing , is co-sponsored by YI Dao Group and ARM , and invested by The Chinese Academy of Sciences. As one of the leaders in the field of smart street light control systems, Emaga has teamed up with the two giants of this field —— Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure to bring smart cities and smart manufacturing IoT to the world. In 2017, Emaga won the best contribution award for solving the weak link in Shenzhen's industrial chain.

So far, Emaga's products have been widely used in Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America, etc. From the international perspective of energy conservation and emission reduction, Emaga provides reliable solutions for cities (regions) at home and abroad.

Emaga's BaldurMind intelligent street light control system can not only create complex lighting control programs, perform all-round automated lighting, and accurately measure energy usage. At the same time, BaldurMind can also provide real-time monitoring of faults, which can hele to take sfaster, more organized and efficient response measures. These functions can help to reduce the maintenance costs of street lights, meanwhile, help to improve the environment, improve the safety of citizens, and bring a new service experience.

With a good reputation, excellent quality and competitive prices, Emaga has become one of the industry leader. From a technical perspective, Emaga, with strong technical strength, has its own professional R & D team. Emaga , driven by innovation, focuses on the development and application of global WAN standards. These include LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, 5G and other global IoT connection technologies. At the same time, Emaga has advanced technology, strict production process management and a comprehensive quality assurance system. Our products have undergone stringent Test and obtain corresponding authoritative certifications--CE, RED (Radio Equipment Directive), FCC, UL, RoHS, IP67, IK09, Anti-salted, etc., which can ensure high-level reliability of the product.

Based on cutting-edge LPWAN technology, Emaga has always been committed to customizing LoRaWAN IoT solutions for intelligent public lighting control management for customers, and always insisting on providing customers with high-quality products and services from the perspective of customers. Emaga is pursuing a high degree of professionalism and specificity. We sincerely cooperate with customers to meet customer needs and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

Development Path

  • Company established, joined LoRa alliance

    Feb 2017

  • Launched smart street lighting solution development

    Apr 2017

  • ARM Artificial Intelligence Ecology Alliance

    Sep 2017

  • Multi-million financing from a state-owned capital

    Dec 2017

  • Pilot project deployed and approved in China

    Oct 2018

INFRASTRUCTURE - Smart City IoT Network


The communication method between human beings has undergone a long journey from the primitive mail, to phone, to the present internet. Every time of evolution of the communication between people has profoundly changed our view of ourselves and also created a smarter human society. From the experience of connecting people, we have discovered a great potential to harness the accumulated technology to connect various things that affect our lives in every respect. The network of all kinds of facilities and devices being connected which is widely known as Internet of Things(IoT) enables us to see, monitor, and manage the world in a much smarter way.

EMAGA develops the whole infrastructure of SMART CITY IoT NETWORK, including cloud server platform, wireless communication system, and end-device modules.




    Demo system with 100 street lights

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