• 1. How far is the distance between one EmStation gateway and its nodes?

    We've tested in the surrounding area of Emaga, which is in Bao’an District, Shenzhen China. And the followings are our results:

    With EmStation gateway installed at 20m, we have a communication radius of 2km;

    With EmStation gateway installed at 30m, we have a communication radius of 3km;

    With EmStation gateway installed at 50m, we have a communication radius of 5km

  • 2. How many nodes can be connected to one EmStation gateway?

    One EmStation can connect up to 1000 nodes within its coverage.

  • 3. How many parts are there in the BaldurMind system?

    The system consists of four parts: node, gateway, cloud, and application.

  • 4. How do node, gateway and server get connected?

    The nodes are connected to gateways using LoRaWAN within its communication distance while the gateways are connected to the server using 4G or Ethernet. 

  • 5. Why my EmStation gateway cannot get connected?

    In this case, you may need to check the followings:

    Have you added the gateway to your account?

    Have you checked the antenna’s installation?

    Have you checked if your SIM card is overdue?   

  • 6. What are the functions of BaldurMind?

    Remote control, smart dimming (manual, schedule and photocell), auto fault alerts, auto maintenance alerts, data acquisition and report generation.

  • 7. Can we use multiple gateways to up-link one node message?

    We can use more than one gateway to forward the message and server will select the best gateway to downlink messages.

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